As the name shows cupcakes are small mini size cakes contrived to serve one person. The size of mini cakes is about equal to one regular size cup and that’s the reason these cakes are known as cupcakes. People of different region use the different name for cupcakes just like in British English it is termed as fairy cake in Australian English these are known as pretty cakes. Whatever the name the basic recipe of the cake is same all around the world. Bakers enhance the taste of cupcakes by using sweet creamy and chocolaty fillings and decorate these cakes with the topping of icing sugar and nuts. Small but delish cup cakes are the full-time treat for the eyes of the viewers. The history of cupcakes relates to 1796 Amelia Simmons write in his American cookery about the recipe of cupcakes. In old times cupcakes were baked in pottery cups instead of aluminum cups. Nowadays cupcakes are one of the most selling bakery desserts as all and sundry like to have these divine baked cake.

To attract more customers bakers use marvelous decoration techniques. Packaging decision is one the most important factor in raising the sale of products especially food items. Adorable and alluring packaging not just enhances the beautification of your products but also add quality of your products. Pathetic and out-dated packaging decreases the impact of your product and leave bad impact on the buyer. By keeping this in mind packaging industry introduce new, unique, innovative and best suitable packaging solution for the packaging of yo0ur cupcakes.


How Customized Cupcake Boxes Are Suitable For Cupcakes Packaging?

Customization is offered for the convenience of the customers because the product varies from customer to customer and in order to cater the unique demands of the customers packaging industry offer unlimited customization option to take customers to the ease of selection. For mini cakes, bakers require cupcake boxes according to their desired size, color scheme, style and design due to this packaging industry hire some specialist designers who are there to listen to your ideas and then make your cupcake box according to your ideation.

There are also some pre-designed boxes which are available for the customers as per their choice. Customization helps the customers to differentiate their products from their competitors as well, because these cupcake boxes contain the essence of uniqueness and creativity. You would also get different styles and colors for different cupcakes just like for strawberry cupcakes there is a pink color box for chocolate there is dark brown boxes.


Branding and Marketing Through Cupcake Boxes:

Many bakers use their cupcake boxes for branding as they print their company name, logo and other company related information on the cupcake boxes this would be helpful in conveying their brand message to their target customers. While some marketers consider packaging as the fifth marketing mix after product, price, place and promotion as they know about the vital role of packaging in promoting the product in the market. Custom cupcake boxes wholesale would surely give a jump start to your business because the well-presented products are liked by one and all and most of the consumers want to spend money on such products. Fascinating packaging doubles the impact of your products and gives you an edge over your competitor.


Other Roles of Cupcake Boxes:

Cupcake boxes not just endow and out of ordinary outlook to your cupcakes but also prevent your cupcakes from external and climatic effect as these boxes are laminated with a transparent sheet that protects your cupcakes from moisture, sunlight, heat and UV rays in this way your cupcakes remain fresh and tasty during transit. On the other hand, these boxes give a complete storage and arrangement to your cupcakes.


Commonly Used Cupcake Boxes:

There is a wide range of cupcake boxes that is available in the market and by adding some unique features you would use them as your packaging solution but before that you have to be aware from these commonly used cupcake boxes.


Cardboard Cupcake Boxes:

This type is segregated on the basis of its material as the name shows cardboard cupcake boxes. Cardboard is a type of material that is easily available in the market at the most affordable rates as compared to other materials. The cupcake boxes that are most widely used in the market are usually made from this material.


Cupcake Boxes With Handle:

For the conveyance of handling some bakeries use handle boxes for the packaging of their cupcakes. These are simple boxes contain two handles on their top.


Window Cupcake Boxes:

One of the most adorable type of cupcake boxes that enhance the presentation of your cupcakes as it contain the transparent sheet on it just like window for the clear display of inside cupcakes.

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